Forum's Official Rules.

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Forum's Official Rules.

Post by Hudson on Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:16 am

:welcome: Here are the OFFICIAL guidelines to follow on this forum.
We are a community that is hate-free and open-minded towards any idea.
We do not hate. We do not judge. We do not put others down in any possible scenario.
This forum was primarily created so everyone can promote their forum/website while also being able to express themselves.
We are not a strict community, but there are a few rules that must be followed.
Here they are.


1.) Everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Freedom of speech is important.
Everyone's opinion matters, don't get mad if everyone's opinion is different than yours.

2.) No back-seat modding.
Let the admins and moderators do their job.

3.) Treat others how you want to be treated.
Nobody wants to feel like a piece of shit, so don't make them feel that way.

4.) Don't get offended.
Everyone has an opinion and if somebody has different views than you do, that doesn't mean you should get mad.

5.) Negative people are not welcomed, only because this is NOT a negative community.
Nobody wants to see hate every second of every day.

What We Offer:

1.) Forum/Site Promotion!
Promote your forums or sites here!

2.) Reviewing, Packages & Promotion Around The Forum FOR YOUR FORUM.
You can get your site/forum reviewed, get packages by our Packaging Staff and even get your forum/site advertised around our forum.

3.) Tips To Help Your Forum/Site.
Learn new ways to make your forum/site get more active users and make it more exciting to be apart of.


This Concludes The Guidelines and Offers of This Forum.
I Hope Everyone Enjoys Their Day!

~ Hudson & The Rest Of The Team. Smile

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