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Forum Package Guidelines

Post by Hudson on Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:41 pm

-Package Guidelines-

1.) Make sure you have the correct amount of Tickets to even get the certain package you picked.
2.) On the title of your post put the forum name with the package request next to it (EX. GamingMedia - Gold)
3.) Your forum MUST be in English.
4.) You must be an Admin for the forum you are trying to promote.
5.) You can bump your topic every 24 hours.
6.) You must wait atleast 5 days before requesting another package.
7.) Please be patient, as our staff is very busy most of the time.
8.) Our staff has the right to decline package request for whatever reason whatsoever.
9.) Give each package atleast 24-72 hours to be completely completed.

To get a package you must fill out the following when you post a new topic-

Forum Name:
Package Requested:


-Bronze Package-

Content: 5 Posts/1 Topic
Requirements: None
Price: 20 Tickets

-Sliver Package-

Content : 10 Posts/3 Topics
Requirements: 20 Posts
Price: 50 Tickets

-Gold Package-

Content: 15 Posts/8 Topics
Requirements: 40 Posts
Price: 80 Tickets

-Diamond Package-

Content: 20 Posts/10 Topics
Requirements: 80 Posts
Price: 150 Tickets

If your form isn't filled out correctly your request cannot be accepted.
If you have any questions regarding packages or the Package Staff,
just shoot us a message and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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