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Forum Review Guidelines

Post by Hudson on Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:29 pm

-Forum Review Guidelines-

There a basic guidelines to follow in order to have your forum reviewed.

1.) The forums main language must be English
2.) You MUST be the admin of the forum.
3.) You must title your topic with the forum name and the type of review you need.
4.) You may bump every 24 hours.
5.) You must respect the fact that our staff is very busy so please be patient.

Review List:

-Simple Review-
A simple review covers all the basics of your forum and points out the strengths and weakness's of your forum.
Will cost 50 Tickets.

-Complex Review-
A complex review covers all in-depth coverage along with how to make your forum better.
Will cost 125 Tickets.

-Tech. Review
A Tech. Review gives full coverage upon your forums format, the use of html/css practices an your forums internal structure.
Will cost 200 Tickets.

-One Area Review-
A once area review covers a certain area of your forum. You pick which part to cover and we will do a full coverage on that particular area.
Will cost 125 Tickets.

-Two Area Review-
A two area review covers two certain parts of your forum. You pick which two parts to cover and we will do a full coverage on those particular areas.
Will cost 150 Tickets.

Use this format to request a review:

Forum Name:
Review Package:

If anyone has any question just get in touch with me or one of the Review Team members.

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