Forum Battle Guidelines

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Forum Battle Guidelines

Post by Hudson on Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:44 pm

How It Works:

The winner will receive the prizes and or 50 Tickets.
You will post a topic will the following code-

Forum Name:
Forum Link:
Main Goal: (What are you trying to compete about? Posts,ect..)
Extra Comments:

Now, you must wait for another member to respond to your topic saying they are up for the battle.
Once another member is up for it, a poll will be set up and you will have 5 days to find out who's forum gets picked to be the winner.

Some of The Prizes:

Some of the prizes are only for specific competitions, so don't be battling for any certain prize.

1.) Colored Username
2.) Signature Rights
3.) Your Very Own Group


1.) 3 Sites may go into battle at once. No more than 3.
2.) If the person who made the topic pertaining to the battle, the topic will be closed.
3.) You may ask users to vote for you while the poll is up.
4.) You MUST be an admin or owner of the site.

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